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The best herbs for Lyme disease

In my journey with Lyme disease, I’ve discovered a ton of natural ways to treat Lyme, including by using herbs for Lyme disease! Herbs are a fantastic tool for wellness and recovery. They support the body’s natural processes instead of covering over symptoms, as many over-the-counter drugs do. They’re also gentle and generally can be used by anyone, even us

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The best deals on Amazon Prime Day for healthy living

Amazon Prime Day 2018 is over! We’ll have even more details here for you for next year’s sale. Make sure you’re signed up for Hopeful Holistic’s newsletter to keep you up-to-date on everything you need to know!  The bigger-than-Black-Friday event of the year is here! Amazon Prime Day starts NOW. It’s 36 hours of highly discounted bliss, and I’m excited

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