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Easy DIY pumpkin spice latte sugar scrub

Ahhh, fall. It’s a magical time of year. The air gets crisp, cute scarves and boots come back into vogue, and that rare, magical creature, the pumpkin spice latte, makes its first appearance. Pumpkin spice latte lovers of the world, rejoice! It smells so good you just want to rub your face in it! Oh wait, now you can? I

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The best natural makeup recipes for a DIY makeup routine

Want to save money, rescue your skin from hundreds of toxins, and get dolled up? Well, look no further than this create-your-own DIY makeup routine with these natural makeup recipes! Admittedly, I’m super lazy when it comes to makeup. It was actually a huge step forward in my self-confidence to be able to leave the house without makeup. (Once in

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