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How to use self-care to have a better day in 30 seconds

We’d all like to have a marginally better day when we’re feeling down, right? Well, read on- I want to help with that: by using 30 seconds to practice self-care! For me, the rest of the time, I think I’d describe most of my days as… an organized chaos. Not just the mess around the house, but the emotions and

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The ultimate guide to brewing kombucha like a pro

Why make your own kombucha? You know when something seems too good to be true, so you try it for yourself, and soon find yourself telling other people that it really is the best? Yeah. That’s what kombucha is like for me. It’s effervescent, probiotic, life-changing wonderfulness in a bottle. Kombucha will solve all your problems. That’s not true. But,

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