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The best herbs for Lyme disease

In my journey with Lyme disease, I’ve discovered a ton of natural ways to treat Lyme, including by using herbs for Lyme disease! Herbs are a fantastic tool for wellness and recovery. They support the body’s natural processes instead of covering over symptoms, as many over-the-counter drugs do. They’re also gentle and generally can be used by anyone, even us

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Echinacea root and flower tincture

Echinacea is an herbaceous flowering plant that is more commonly known as the Coneflower. It’s a pretty plant to add to any landscape, but it’s far more useful than just being aesthetically pleasing! An echinacea tincture can be a gamechanger for colds and cases of flu- read on to find out how to make your own! This website contains affiliate

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11 delightful uses for dandelion

Are they a weed or a flower? Or maybe a really really amazing herb? If you have a yard overrun with springtime dandelions, never fear! They aren’t a pest to eliminate, but a gift to use and benefit from! History of the dandelion The name dandelion comes from the English butchering “dent de lion” which means “lion’s tooth” in French,

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