Wood spoons, stainless steel straws and other items to help reduce your use of plastic

Creative ways to use less plastic

Did you hear the news? Plastic sucks. Americans throw away 35 billion plastic water bottles yearly. 90 percent never get recycled. Flimsy plastic bags only take about a decade to be broken down, but most plastic takes 450-1,000 years to degrade. It’s not going anywhere fast. And even though plastic bags degrade fairly quickly- Americans …

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Picture of dandelions plants outside on a sunny day

11 delightful uses for dandelion

Are they a weed or a flower? Or maybe a really really amazing herb? If you have a yard overrun with springtime dandelions, never fear! They aren’t a pest to eliminate, but a gift to use and benefit from! History of the dandelion The name dandelion comes from the English butchering “dent de lion” which …

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Effective DIY recipes for all the non-toxic cleaners you need to clean your house from top to bottom! Click to learn how to make your own simple, cheap, and all-natural bathroom cleaner, oven scrub, window spray, and lots more!

15 all-natural cleaner recipes

House cleaning… isn’t the most fun thing for me. I know there are some people who find cleaning therapeutic, and just start cleaning when they’re feeling under the weather or whatever, but that is not me! The only things that make cleaning better, for me, are knowing that the house will look and smell nicer when …

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Legal Information

Disclaimer 1.   Terms of Use Read this blog at your own risk! You’re responsible for any of the information you take away from this blog. If your DIY recipe goes horribly wrong and starts a zombie apocalypse, please just know that you’re reading this blog of your own free will. Carry on. 2.   Copyright …

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Woman at the beach from Hopeful Holistic

What is holistic living?

Ever followed some sort of healthy living regime or diet change and wondered why it never really worked? I want you to imagine something before I answer that. Picture yourself as a naturalistic health nut yogi who always recycles and only eats organic vegetables and herbs from the garden. Every morning, you go down to …

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