Maca root is a traditional superfood that’s been a staple in South America for thousands of years. Thankfully it wasn’t kept a secret for too long though, and now we can benefit worldwide from this incredible superfood!

It’s about time you heard about the wonderful health benefits of Maca.

What is Maca anyway?

Even though Maca is usually seen in powder form, Maca is a root vegetable that looks kind of like a turnip.

It grows at high altitude in the Peruvian Andes in South America, where they have a rich history of using Maca, but people everywhere can benefit from taking Maca powder and supplements!

Peruvian Maca grows in a variety of colors in shades of yellow, red, and black.

You can scroll down for the different benefits of each color group!

Maca root tastes sweet and starchy, with a yummy earthy flavor. And you can find it raw, gelatinized, powdered, and in capsule and extract form. See below for where to buy Maca powder and what kind you should get!

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Maca health benefits

So besides being delicious, what are the health benefits of Maca?

I think one of my favorite things about Maca is that you can use different colors of Maca for different benefits and uses. More on that below!

Most places that sell Maca only sell one type, a blend of the different colors. The Maca Team is unique in that they offer each separate color of Maca (and different forms, including capsules and gelatinized Maca) so that you can take whichever color type will be best for you personally!

But whichever Maca you try, there are some benefits you’ll find across the board.


First off, Maca is incredibly nutritious! It’s got almost all the amino acids and fatty acids you need, along with plenty of vitamins B1, B2, B3, and C, along with magnesium, irons, zinc, calcium, and protein.

The flavonoids in Maca root can help reduce anxiety and depression.

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Maca root also improves learning, memory, energy, and endurance. There is a possibility that Maca can help improve blood pressure as well! (source)

It’s also fantastic for men and women’s hormones. Some of the unique acids in Maca powder, called macaenes and macamides, are thought to be what helps with supporting balanced hormones.

Unlike pharmaceuticals, it doesn’t artificially boost hormones in a way that makes you dependent on drugs. Instead, it naturally balances hormones whether they’re too high or too low, while gently supporting the body’s natural functions.

Maca can also help with mental function, memory, and brain fog, which is awesome for me since I have struggled with Lyme disease.

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And finally, Maca is an adaptogen, which is a type of food that helps support healthy life force of anyone who takes it. It’s great for everyone!

Red maca powder in a bowl next to a jar of maca

Maca for women

Lots of women enjoy the benefits of taking Maca.

For women, Maca can help especially with balancing hormones. This could be especially helpful for times when our hormones are normally a little bit off, such as during PMS or when going through menopause.

Maca powder can also boost libido. It can help put a little spice back into your relationship!

It also supports fertility- but it’s not just for women!


Maca for men

There are also a ton of great Maca benefits for men!

Maca can support fertility in men as well, and it helps to balance hormones including testosterone. This can improve libido. Maca might also decrease the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Black Maca is the rarest Maca color, and it’s the best Maca for men. Black Maca helps with male fertility and libido, and can also help build muscle and stamina. Red Maca is also especially good for prostate health.


How to use Maca powder

There are tons of fantastic ways to use Maca powder.

You can stir it into coffee or blend into smoothies, and enjoy the sweet, earthy taste it adds.

I really enjoy using Maca in my root coffee, which is a healthy, delicious coffee substitute. It helped to wean me off of caffeine, and now I crave it more often than coffee!

I also love The Maca Team’s Morning Motivator– a caffeine-free adaptogenic Maca coffee blend to help support natural energy with no crash! There’s not much better than a Maca latte in the morning.

Maca powder next to a maca latte

It’s also fun to experiment with Maca uses by adding Maca to recipes such as bread, muffins, or savory dishes.

For more Maca powder recipes, including raw Maca treats, hummus, and even an adaptogen blend for stress, check out these Maca recipes from The Maca Team.

Maca powder dosage

Since Maca powder is a food and isn’t concentrated, you can’t really take too much of it.

But since it’s nutrient-dense, you also don’t need to take tons to experience health benefits from taking Maca! Start off with small amounts and increase after a few weeks until you start seeing benefits.

If you’re taking Maca powder, start with 2 teaspoons and increase to 3-4 teaspoons daily.

Vegan Maca capsules are very safe to take. Start with 4 capsules, and increase to 8-12 daily.

And if you’re taking Maca extract, start off with 2 droppers full, and increase to 4 if needed.

Maca side effects

Maca is very safe for most people to take.

I have heard of some people who have an itchy allergic reaction as a side effect of taking Maca, which could be a possibility for people who aren’t from South America and those whose body is completely unfamiliar with Maca root. I don’t have any family history from that part of the world though, and I haven’t had any problems!

Just start with a little bit and if you have an allergic reaction each time you take Maca, stop taking it.

If you have any side effects such as gas or bloating after taking raw Maca, try taking it on an empty stomach, and wait 20 minutes before eating anything. If that doesn’t work, switch to gelatinized Maca (which is pre-cooked to help make digestion easier) or an extract.

For people with pre-existing thyroid issues, be aware that there’s a slight possibility that Maca could make your thyroid worse. (source)

And if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, ask your doctor before taking Maca regularly!

Where to buy Maca

When looking for high-quality maca powder, I recommend ordering from The Maca Team.

This supports small business (they’re a small family-run company), their products are usually cheaper than Amazon prices, and The Maca Team ensures that your raw, organic Maca won’t be radiated during shipping!


The Maca Team supports farmers in the Peruvian Andes who grow Maca traditionally and organically.

They are paid above market rate for what they grow to encourage their sustainable work and allow them to preserve the land they’re on for future generations.

They source the best organic, fair trade, GMO-free Maca products you can find.

Red Maca powder in a bowl with a bag of maca powder from the Maca Team

What kind of Maca should I buy?

Since there are lots of Maca products on the market, it can be hard to decide which one is best for you.

One of the most popular kinds of Maca is raw Maca powder– but you can also find Maca in capsules, extracts, and even whole Maca root chips that you can chew! The powder might be sundried, gelatinized, or raw.

There are benefits to every type of Maca but some might work better for you than others.

The Maca team also offers a sampler pack

If you have a weak gut or trouble with digesting things, you might have better luck with a gelatinized Maca powder. Gelatinized Maca is pre-cooked in a way that makes it easier to digest- without changing the nutrition profile too much.


Maca colors

Another reason I love buying Maca from The Maca Team is that they offer different color choices- most other Maca sellers only offer one type, but there are three different color groups of Maca that all have slightly different benefits.

Black Maca is best for men, and it’s great for building muscle and supporting endurance, mental focus, and male libido. This is what my husband uses.

Red Maca has the highest phytonutrient levels of all the Maca types. It’s extra sweet and great for hormone balancing, bone and prostate health, and female fertility.

This is the kind I use.


Yellow Maca is the most common Maca color. It’s extremely nutritious and helps to boost endurance and stamina, balance hormones, and support healthy energy levels.

There’s also a “heritage harvest” blend that uses all three colors- it’s a little less expensive because it doesn’t require sorting. This tri-color blend offers the benefits of all three colors in one!

Want to take the guesswork out of exactly which type, color, and form of Maca root you should get? You can find which Maca is the best for you (based on age, gender, activity level, and more) using the Maca Finder!


Have I convinced you to use Maca powder? I hope you’re able to enjoy all the Maca health benefits this amazing superfood has to offer!

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