Have you ever felt like you might not be living life to the fullest?

That some -maybe lots of- people don’t really get you?

Or that you don’t quite know your true self?

Do you ever just feel stuck?


Then you might want to know about human design.


Whenever I get a chance to explain what human design is, I usually try to water it down a little because, honestly, most people aren’t ready to hear what I have to say.

I’d rather ease them into the idea of human design than dump it all on them at once- although I’m more than willing to do that if people want to hear it! Since you’re here, reading this, I’m going to assume that you want to dive in and learn.

Human design is a personality tool, a way to learn about yourself and your energy. That’s a basic description, but human design is so much more than that too!


Functionally, human design is your energy blueprint.

It’s about how you take in and use energy.


If you’re willing to learn, human design can teach you how to live authentically, make the right decisions, live out your true purpose, communicate better, sleep well, and much more! We, as individuals, are so much more unique and special than the world gives us credit for.

We’re all made to have a special and irreplaceable role in the universe. Human design is a way to learn about and celebrate that fact!

Read on to learn about what human design is and how to learn more about yourself using human design.

Human design chart with text overlay- what is human design? and how it can change your life

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What is human design?

Human design is unique.

It’s a mix of eastern and western astrology, the Chinese I-Ching, the Judaic Kabbalah, the Hindu Chakras, and quantum physics.

Human design is a cutting-edge personality assessment tool that’s reliable, practical, and life-changing. It’s simple to understand at a basic level, but it’s also something you could spend years and years digging deeper into.

You can get your human design chart, showing your energetic blueprint, by submitting your birthday, birth time (down to the exact minute if possible), and birth location.

The chart you get will include information based on the location of the planets at the moment of your birth. You can get your free human design chart here.

Human design charts with text overlay- get your free human design chart

The human design chart

Your personal chart is the key to understanding your energy, strategy, life purpose, and more.

A human design chart looks like this:

Human Design Chart of Queen Elizabeth II

There is a ton of information on here!

You might notice numbers, smaller numbers, symbols, lines, something called incarnation crosses, and all sorts of crazy things.

If you’re first learning about human design, the most important thing to know is your human design type.

There are different roles and strategies for each type to live, work, sleep, create, and make decisions.

So let’s talk about each type in human design!

Human design types

There are five types in human design. If you have your free human design chart in front of you, your type will be the first thing under “Overview”.

It might say Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, or Reflector.

Each type has a different strategy, or method of making decisions and taking action.

Each human design type also has a specific emotional theme, which is simply the feeling that arises for each type and the people around them if they aren’t living according to their strategy.

This will just be an intro to each type and their strategies, but I’ll be writing a more in-depth post explaining each type soon!

Let’s take a closer look at each of these types!


Manifestors are the only type that’s here to initiate. They make things happen.

Manifestors are about 8% of the population, and they are powerful!

Well, each type is powerful in its own way, but human design Manifestors are special in that they need to use their power to initiate action and start things off. They might not be quite as gifted at finishing things. They might also make decisions or move in a way that feels too fast for some of the people experiencing their energy, and they could forget to tell people what they’re doing as they move through their powerful creative flow.

Manifestors are prone to feeling angry (and making others angry) when they aren’t living out life according to their strategy.

The strategy of a Manifestor is to inform before acting– inform anyone who might be impacted by your actions. For example, if you’re a Manifestor and you’re going to go to the store, make sure to tell your partner that you’re going shopping! That way, they won’t be angry at you for leaving them out of the loop, and you’ll be able to move more efficiently through your creative flow while you’re out shopping.

If they’re following their strategy, the Manifestor can be a powerful launching point for many creative endeavors in the world.

Manifestor Human Design Chart Johannes Kepler

Sample Manifestor chart


Generators make up around 37% of the population, and they’re here to work. They have aspects of their chart that give them access to more sustainable energy to be able to do the work of the world.

Human design Generators are meant to be busy, and they will have more energy if they’re busy doing things they love. I’m a Generator, and I know the feeling of loving my work so much that I skip lunch and sometimes wish there more hours in the day!

Generators will feel frustrated if they aren’t living out their strategy, which is to wait and respond. If you’re a Generator, you don’t have the energy to initiate like the Manifestor. Instead, a Generator needs to wait for something to show up in their outer reality, and respond to that. Don’t try to force things to happen on your own!

Wait (even when you don’t want to) and respond to the opportunities that come your way, opportunities that feel good to you.

Generator human design chart Giselle Bundchen

Sample Generator chart

Manifesting Generator

The Manifesting Generator is about 33% of the population, and they’re kind of a mix, or a buy-one-get-one, between the Manifestors and Generators.

Manifesting Generators are meant to multitask. They’re fast, effective, and great at finding shortcuts and quicker ways to get things done. But since they’re so quick, the Manifesting Generator might need to go back and fix the steps they’ve skipped.

They also have a strategy that combines the strategies of the Manifestors and Generators. They need to wait to respond to opportunities and then inform anyone who might be affected before taking action.

Not following their strategy might make a Manifesting Generator feel both frustrated and angry.

Manifesting Generator Chart Marie Antoinette

Sample Manifesting Generator chart


Human design Projectors make up about 20% of the population. They’re not here to work in the traditional way most people work, and they don’t have a sustainable source of energy.

Projectors are here to guide, manage, and be wise about others. They need to make sure to offer that wisdom to people that honor the value of what they have to say, and they can do that by following their strategy.

The strategy of a Projector is to wait for an invitation. This only applies to big decisions in life- work, relationships, and where to live. It also applies to giving people insight and guidance. Wait for people to invite your insight, and don’t just push ahead or else you’ll hit a wall.

Without following their strategy, Projectors might experience bitterness. This can be a sign that the Projector isn’t waiting for an invitation.

Projector human design chart Steven Spielberg

Sample Projector chart


The Reflector is the rarest of the human design types, and they make up about 1% of the population.

Human design Reflectors have completely open energy, where they take in and reflect the health and energy of the people and community around them.

A Reflector’s strategy is to wait for a full lunar cycle (29 days) before making any major decisions. They need to ‘feel out’ their decisions over time. During times of decisions, Reflectors should be around loving and supportive people, somewhere that feels good to them.

If a Reflector isn’t following their strategy they’ll experience disappointment. This is because they can see the amazing potential of the world around them, and it can be disappointing to see how reality doesn’t quite measure up.

Human design reflector chart Sandra Bullock

Sample Reflector chart

How human design has helped me

Beyond simply knowing your strategy, which is a powerful tool in itself, there are about a million other things that human design can teach you about.

Even though I’m not a human design expert (yet!), I’ve already learned a ton of helpful information about myself and how I operate and use energy in the world.

Some of the questions that human design has answered for me include:

  • Why open-ended questions overwhelm me
  • What to do with all the thoughts I have
  • How to communicate better
  • How to discover what I really want in life
  • Whether or not to trust my emotions
  • Why I get along with some people better than others
  • How to have a more fulfilling, loving relationship with my partner
  • The dangers of being logical
  • Some health risks that correlate with my energy
  • How to honor my energy and aura
  • What my relationship with God should or could look like
  • How to appreciate my uniqueness
  • What it means for me to live authentically
  • How to get better sleep and more energy

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This list just scratches the surface. There is SO MUCH to human design, and there are endless possibilities for how it can help transform your life.

It’s helped me understand my life purpose, my trajectory, and my uniqueness.

And I’m fully convinced that it can help you with all these things and more!

If this sounds like something you’re on board with, make sure to request your free human design chart! I’ll include a little bit more in-depth information on the five types and what all those shapes and lines mean.

Get your human design reading

Once you get your human design chart, it’s easy to find your type on the page. Some things aren’t quite as easy though. And you might have a lot of questions about your type.

That’s where I come in!

Rachel- human design level 3 specialist

(That’s me!)

I can give you a one-hour human design reading where we dig deeper into your authentic self, your strategy, how you use energy, how you should sleep, and the best ways for you to make decisions and pursue your life purpose.

If you’d be interested in scheduling your level 1 human design strategy session, you can order your session with me here.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Human design chart with text overlay- Human design- why you need to know about this cutting-edge personality tool

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