Your human design chart is a blueprint of possibility.

Check out this post if you want to know a little bit more about what human design is and why it’s amazing.

If you haven’t seen your human design chart yet, you can get your free chart here!

There is a LOT of information on this chart. But there is some information you can’t miss out on if you’re just starting out, and that’s where I come in!

Rachel- human design level 3 specialist

I’m currently offering both Human Design Strategy Sessions and Foundation Readings.

Find out more on both of these (and which one is right for you) below!

Human design strategy session

A strategy session is a Level 1 reading to help you lay the foundation for understanding yourself and living more fully according to your human design.

In your strategy session, we’ll talk about your type, (you can read more about the 5 types here- what is human design?) the “not-self” warning signs to look out for, your strategy, and the basic ways you take in and process energy in the world.

These readings usually last about an hour. And of course, we’ll have plenty of time for questions and answers throughout your session!

This is a launching off point, the place to start your journey, to start understanding how to live authentically, in a way that honors yourself and those around you!

Human design foundation reading

A foundation reading is an extended technical reading to help you get familiar with every part of your chart.

This is where you can learn about your type, strategy, open centers, definition, profile, and even a little bit about your incarnation cross.

These readings run for about two hours. We’ll cover a lot of information!

After a foundation reading, you’ll have all you need to feel confident in starting to integrate the information you learn as you begin to really live out and experiment with your type and strategy.

Which reading is best for you?

Both of these readings are complete in their own way, and will give you a lot to dig into and experiment with as you begin living out your human design!

If you want to stick with the basics and start learning the most important information you need to know about human design, you might want to go with a strategy session.

But if you’re interested in getting a lot of depth, and enough information to keep you busy for months of trying out ideas from human design, try a foundation reading! These readings might be especially helpful if you’re a line 1 profile, which tend to like digging into information.

If you’re a Reflector, I highly recommend starting with a two-hour foundation reading, since your strategy will take some time to cover and it’s a bit complicated to try and fit everything into an hour!

There is some overlap in the information presented in these two readings, so don’t purchase both readings. I’ll have more types of readings available soon!

And of course, I’m always available through email if you have further questions about specific parts of your chart or design.

If you’re ready to order your reading and get started with the exciting world of human design, scroll down to make your purchase!

Sacral sessions

Once you’ve done a basic reading or at least have a foundational understanding of human design, you can now also get a Sacral Session with me.

These are 30-minute readings with yes and no questions to help Generators and Manifesting Generators tap into their sacral sounds. These sessions will help you get “un-stuck”, and we will use this time to discover your truth through your internal sacral compass and guide. Scroll to the bottom of the page to purchase a Sacral Session!

Keep an eye out on this page for more types of readings as I expand my knowledge and certification level!

Human design chart with text overlay-get your human design strategy reading

Your human design reading

To order your human design reading with me, just click the “Buy Now” button below!

When you click it, the page will refresh and you’ll see your cart at the top of this page. Then choose “Checkout with PayPal”. That’ll open a new window for you to pay using PayPal. (You shouldn’t need a PayPal account to buy- choose to “Checkout as Guest” to pay with a credit or debit card)

And if you have a discount code, you can enter it after you press “buy now”.

Once you purchase your human design reading, I’ll email you to discuss the best date and time for your session. I run all my readings through Zoom, an online video meeting service that doesn’t require any software, but we can chat on the phone as well.

I’m in Mountain Time, and I can offer evening and weekend availability- we’ll find a time that works best for you!

Included with your purchase is a recorded human design reading so that you can refer back to the information (better than taking notes!) that I’ll send to you as an MP3 after your reading. You can let me know if you don’t want it recorded.

I’m looking forward to talking to you about your unique human design!

Buy your Human Design Strategy Session (Level 1 Reading) – $67

1 hour- type, strategy, not-self signs, decision making, and more

Buy your Human Design Foundation Reading – $147

2 hours- type, strategy, open centers, authority, decision making, and more

Buy a Sacral Session (for Generators and Manifesting Generators) – $37

1/2 hour- yes and no questions to tap into your inner compass

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