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(And go here for an intro into what human design is!)

Human Design Chart of Queen Elizabeth II

Tips for requesting your human design chart

I want to make sure your human design chart is as accurate as possible, so here are a couple of tips for you to follow.

If you aren’t sure exactly what time you were born, you can enter an approximation. But even a difference of 10 minutes could potentially change your chart, so it’s important to enter a birth time that is as exact as possible.

Under “additional comments”, feel free to put anything else I need to know. For example, if you aren’t sure of your exact birth time, you can make note of that in the last text box.

Human design chart request form


You should receive your free chart in your email within one business day! (I run all charts manually to ensure accuracy)

Make sure to check your email to confirm your subscription, because it might be in your spam folder. You can also add “” to your contact list to ensure delivery.

Your human design chart will be sent as a PDF.

If you have any questions about your chart, feel free to email me, or schedule your human design strategy session!

Human design chart with text overlay- get your free human design chart

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