Not too long ago, I heard about this awesome program called Daily Goodie Box – it’s a fun way to learn about different brands through the free (and full-size!) items you receive!

I signed up and got my first box less than two weeks after joining.

I love that it’s all totally free -I didn’t even pay for shipping- and I was wondering what the catch was… Well, the only thing you have to do is give feedback on the items you receive! Not much of a catch. ;)

There are also some pretty sweet coupons for the brands included!

And I’m good at having an opinion on things. And I’m pretty picky with ingredients and products- I have to be because of the health issues I’ve had. Truth is, I didn’t love every single item I received in my Goodie Box. And I’ll tell you why!

I got some things to give away to friends, and some things I’m definitely keeping (and might have eaten almost as soon as I saw them…)

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My October Daily Goodie Box review

Without further adieu, here is my unbiased, unfiltered opinion on everything I got in my October Daily Goodie Box!

Coral LLC – Coral White Toothpaste Tea Tree

Coral white toothpaste from the Daily Goodie Box

Now this toothpaste is a really cool idea. It’s whitening and helps to prevent cavities by raising the pH of your saliva! It also has a whole food mineral complex from coral (above the sea fossilized minerals- don’t worry, they aren’t destroying any reefs!)

Coral calcium is literally the first ingredient. This sounds like it’s so good for your teeth! And of course, it’s free of fluoride and sodium laureth sulfates. That’s important to me.

The toothpaste tastes fresh and has tea tree oil (which is good for your gums and makes it smell amaaazing!). I’ve been enjoying using it, and it’s a perfect travel size for some upcoming trips I’m planning! I’m excited to see if it really works to whiten my teeth.

It might not be good for people with sensitive teeth though, because it does have hydrogen peroxide which can increase tooth sensitivity. Otherwise, a fantastic product overall!

Karma Nuts – Peri Peri Roasted Cashews

Karma Nuts - Peri Peri Roasted Cashews - from the Daily Goodie Box

Mmm, roasted cashews. I hadn’t heard of this company before but these looked amazing! There’s a tiny bit of sugar and some processed ingredients (citric acid and maltodextrin) but other than that the ingredients are clean.

These ones have red chili spice, and I’m a hot food wimp, but they still tasted great and weren’t too hot. The packaging proudly boasts, “these nuts will liven up your taste buds” and I can definitely attest to that! They’re zesty and a little bit addicting. The bag didn’t last long!

Ethical Bean – Classic Medium Roast

Ethical Bean Coffee from the Daily Goodie Box

Yum. Self-professed coffee fiend over here… I usually grind my own coffee but this one came ground, and it’ll work great with my french press! I really appreciate that it’s fair trade and certified organic. I wouldn’t call myself toooo much of a coffee addict, but this was probably my favorite Daily Goodie Box prize!

This is one company that I will gladly buy coffee from in the future!

Gear Beast – Universal Smartphone Wallet

Gear Beast universal smartphone wallet from the Daily Goodie Box

This is a really neat idea. Most smartphone wallets are included as part of a case, and they’re specific to your model of phone. This one’s universal, and just sticks on the back!

It also has a transparent pocket for your ID. I’m planning on looking super cool when I whip it out next time someone asks for my ID!

NightFood – Midnight Chocolate Crunch Bars

Night Food midnight chocolate crunch bar from the Daily Goodie Box

What a neat idea for a bar! It’s got minerals and everything you need so that a midnight snack cures cravings, without messing up your sleep!

There are some really great ingredients, like magnesium  (which promotes restfulness) and chicory root fiber, but also some not so great ones… Like palm oil, sugar, brown rice syrup (aka sugar- and the first ingredient), and the mysterious “natural flavors”. Great idea for a bar, not so fantastic execution with the ingredients.

I’m trying to avoid refined sugar and processed foods right now so I’ll be gifting this bar to my hubs, and I’m sure he’ll enjoy it!

I might have a little bite. ;)

Susan Brown’s Baby – Foaming Shampoo

Susan Browns Baby foaming shampoo from the Daily Goodie Box

Now this one was fun to get. I don’t have kids (yet) but maybe I’ll keep this around? It’s awesome that this was a full-size product- it’s kinda huge! And they have free shipping on all orders! Pretty neat. One thing that bugged me was that there wasn’t any information on this brand on, but I looked up the ingredients.

Even though they proudly state that they’re paraben and phthalate free, there’s still a long list of ingredients I’m not familiar with. Some didn’t have any research to go against, but on EWG, a couple of the ingredients stood out as problematic.

The third ingredient, Cocamidopropyl betaine (say that five times fast) helps boost foam and is a cleansing agent, but there are concerns about irritation, allergy risks, and ecotoxicology.

Then there’s the elusive “fragrance” listed on the ingredients too, which is an unregulated ingredient and could potentially mean a mixture of hundreds of carcinogenic chemicals.

And lastly, one ingredient, Methylisothiazolinone, had a high hazard warning on EWG. It’s a preservative and has been linked to allergic reactions. Studies suggest it might be an irritant and neurotoxic too. Definitely not something you want anywhere near your baby.

So, unfortunately, I’ll have to pass on using this, and I can’t in good conscious regift it to anyone. Take this as a reminder to read your labels and not just trust the “natural” wording or look of a product!

Susan Brown’s Baby- remove the toxins and I’ll think about buying from ya!

Chosen Foods – Vegan Mayo On The Go

Chosen Foods vegan mayo on the go packs from the Daily Goodie Box

I like avocado oil, and I like mayo! This seems perfect for packing lunches- I hate when I have a meal to-go and the food gets soggy because I put everything on it beforehand. This could come in handy!

There is some sugar in here, and citric acid, and some thickeners (xanthan gum, acacia gum, and guar gum), which could be irritating to a leaky gut. Still, most people should be just fine with the ingredients. It’s also completely non-GMO!

I’ll keep this handy for next time I need a quick mayo fix.

Veroni – Iron Energy

Veroni Iron Energy from the Daily Goodie Box

Ahh, energy drinks. I loved them a bit too much in high school, but in college, I stopped drinking soda, and energy drinks went with them. I never looked back. I don’t really care for the taste, they’re usually packed with unnatural ingredients, and no liquid energy can make up for sleep.

Related: How to sleep better and wake up feeling rested

This drink honestly doesn’t have the best ingredients either, and I have no desire to try it… But thankfully I have lots of friends who enjoy energy drinks, so I won’t have to toss it out!

Pure Chimp – Matcha Green Tea

Pure Chimp Matcha green tea from the daily goodie box

I went through an intense matcha phase for a while. I still really enjoy matcha, but it’s not an everyday I-need-it-now craving. I was really excited to get this because it’s not just plain matcha, it also has mint, and I’ve never tried that combo before!

The ingredients are perfect too- just matcha and mint. 

I’m looking forward to trying it!

Daily Goodie Box. It’s more than just Free Samples!

If you’d like to sign up to get your own goodie boxes, just visit!

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