Zero Waste

Find zero waste tips and tricks here to help you reduce your waste and live more sustainably! None of us are perfect or completely trash-free, but pursuing a zero waste lifestyle, step by step, can help you live in a way that’s healthier and better for the earth we all live on.

Two passports and a bamboo toothbrush for zero waste travel

10 zero waste tips for traveling

Whether you’re going to be flying soon or your planning a zero waste road trip, it’s a great idea to reduce your waste when you travel and shoot for zero waste travel instead. It takes some planning to do zero waste traveling, but it’s so worth it! You’ll be doing something good for the environment …

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alternative period products for a zero waste period- reusable cloth period pads and a menstrual cup

How I made my period zero waste

If you’re a woman and you bleed, congratulations! You drew the short stick! Honestly though, women already have plenty to deal with in life… We don’t need to add toxins, waste, and extra expenses on top of shark week. That’s why I decided to pursue a zero waste period! Read on to find out the …

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Wood spoons, stainless steel straws and other items to help reduce your use of plastic

Creative ways to use less plastic

Did you hear the news? Plastic sucks. Americans throw away 35 billion plastic water bottles yearly. 90 percent never get recycled. Flimsy plastic bags only take about a decade to be broken down, but most plastic takes 450-1,000 years to degrade. It’s not going anywhere fast. And even though plastic bags degrade fairly quickly- Americans …

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