Easy, delicious, healthy recipes to help you pursue natural, thriving living! You don’t have to give up taste or calories to eat real, whole, healthy foods that are good for your body, mind, and soul.

Fluffy gluten-free biscuits

I’m into comfort foods that taste good but are secretly healthy. Like butter pecan ice cream. But since it isn’t socially acceptable to have ice cream for breakfast, here’s another option- fluffy, easy-to-make, gluten-free biscuits! You can make a batch of biscuits quickly, without worrying about your breakfast being unhealthy or resorting to a sugary, …

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A bowl of butter pecan ice cream with pecans next to a container of nuts

The best butter pecan ice cream!

Full disclosure: This isn’t my recipe. I convinced my husband to tell me all his secrets about the uh-maaazing butter pecan ice cream he makes regularly! And even now that I have the recipe and could make it myself, hubs still takes the responsibility on himself. Aren’t I a lucky girl? But lucky for all of …

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Picture of dandelions plants outside on a sunny day

11 delightful uses for dandelion

Are they a weed or a flower? Or maybe a really really amazing herb? If you have a yard overrun with springtime dandelions, never fear! They aren’t a pest to eliminate, but a gift to use and benefit from! History of the dandelion The name dandelion comes from the English butchering “dent de lion” which …

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