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Herbal tinctures, natural remedies, salves, and other simple, do-it-yourself solutions for what ails you. Feel better quickly with these alternative remedies!

What to expect when you start intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is getting some time in the spotlight right now! It might seem like a quick road to weight loss, but is it really? And what can you really expect when you start intermittent fasting? Read on to find out! This website contains affiliate links- meaning that if you follow a link to something I recommend, I might receive

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Natural, non-toxic sunburn remedies for instant relief

Summer is here, the sun is out, and our skin turns cherry-red as we bask in the first burn of the season. Yowch. Hindsight is 20/20, but what do you do for quick relief when you get a sunburn? And what do you do to keep your skin healthy as it heals? Read on for some easy-to-make, natural sunburn remedies.

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How to sleep better at night, all-naturally

Did you know that falling asleep quickly, sleeping well, and waking up feeling rested are things you can work on all day long to see immediate improvements? And nope, I’m not gonna sell you some miracle pill. You don’t need alcohol, drugs, or sleep aids to get better sleep. And even those don’t help you get better sleep- it might

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How to use self-care to have a better day in 30 seconds

We’d all like to have a marginally better day when we’re feeling down, right? Well, read on- I want to help with that: by using 30 seconds to practice self-care! For me, the rest of the time, I think I’d describe most of my days as… an organized chaos. Not just the mess around the house, but the emotions and

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11 delightful uses for dandelion

Are they a weed or a flower? Or maybe a really really amazing herb? If you have a yard overrun with springtime dandelions, never fear! They aren’t a pest to eliminate, but a gift to use and benefit from! History of the dandelion The name dandelion comes from the English butchering “dent de lion” which means “lion’s tooth” in French,

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What is holistic living?

Ever followed some sort of healthy living regime or diet change and wondered why it never really worked? I want you to imagine something before I answer that. Picture yourself as a naturalistic health nut yogi who always recycles and only eats organic vegetables and herbs from the garden. Every morning, you go down to the kitchen, pour yourself a

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